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Diminazene 7% + Phenazone 37.5% Injectable solution


Each 1 ml contains:

Diminazene diaceturate    70 mg
Antipyrine                375 mg
Excipient Q.S. for          100ml

Pharmacological Properties:
The Diminazene diaceturate is an aromatic diamidine derivative related to pentamidine, is an antiprotozoal agent effective for the treatment of diseases caused by blood parasites: Trypanosomiasis and Piroplasmosis (Babesiosis and theileria).
The Antipyrine is non-opioid agent with analgesic and antipyretic properties.

Treatment of diseases caused by blood parasites:
-Trypanosomiasis: trypanosomia conglense, Typ.vivax, Typ.brucei
-Piroplasmosis: Babesiabovis, Babesiabigemina, Babesia, Babesiamotasi, Babesia canis, and other species of babesia and theileria annulata.
-Mixed infections caused by trypanosomas and babesias in cattle and sheep.
It is indicated too for the control of processes with lost of immunity due to the temporal disappearance of tic of the area and when the animal are transported from free of tic areas to infected zones.

Dose and Administration:
Adiminster by intramuscular injection.
Cattle: 1ml/25kg. of live weight.
(equivalent to 3 mg. of Diminazene diaceturate/kg. of live weight)
Sheep: 1 ml/22kg. of live weight.
(equivalent to 3.5mg of Diminazene diaceturate/kg. of live weight).

Adverse effects:
The product is well tolerated at the recommended dosage, in some cases could appear a small reaction on the application site.

Withdrawal time:
Milk: 5 days, Meat: 21 days.

In a dry and dark place at 15-25ºC.
Vials containing 50ml., 100ml

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