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Tetramisole Hcl oral solution 10%


Each 1000 ml contains:
 Tetramisole HCL           100 g
  Purified water q.s to        1000 ml
Tetramisole causes paralysis of the parasite which occurs due to constant stimulation of ganglia chalinomimetic effect and permanent muscle contraction.
It also causes paralysis of the parasite by blocking the effect of the enzyme fumurate reductase and the forming of fumurates.
Tetramisole is quickly absorbed by blood and excreted through faeces and urine quickly.
It is indicated for the treatment of the following gasterointestinal nematodes and lungworms such as ascaris, hook worm, pin worms, strong loides, trichiasis, ostertagia and cooperia species as well as trichostrongylus haemonchus contortus and chabertia.
In poultry: Ascaridia species and Heterakis species.
Target Animals:
Buffaloes, cattle , sheep, goats and poultry.
Dosage and Administration:
Buffaloes, cattle, sheep and goats 15-20 mg tetramisole per kilogram body weight orally as a single dose with suitable equipement.
Poultry : 40 mg tetramisole per kilogram body weight orally in drinking water once daily for tow 2 days.
Withdrawal Period:
Meat:  3 days
Milk:   it should not be used in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption.
Eggs:  it should not be used in layers producing eggs for human consumption.
Hypersensitivity to tetramisole.
SHELF LIFE: 3 years
Storage: store in dry place away from directs sun light below 30ºC.

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