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Enrofloxacin oral solution



Each ml contains Enrofloxiacin 200mg  


Enrofloxacin is a synithetic, 4-quinolone derivative with bactericidal activity against of Gram-negative and Germ-positive organisms and mycoplasma. It is indicated for the treatment of single infections or mixed infections caused by two or more susceptible organisms. Enrofloxacin may be used for infections caused by organisms resistant to other antibiotics, including aminoglycosides, penicillins and cephalosporins.  


To be carefully mixed into drinking water or milk replacer, at the following dose:  

Poultry: 10mg Enrofloxacin/kg body weight, equal to about 25-50ml Enrofloxacin per 100L water, for 3-7 consecutive days. Rukminants: 0.5ml Enrofloxacin per 50kg body weight, every 24 hours, for 3-7 consecutive days.  

The medication should be administered as the only source of drinking water. Selection of dosage and duration should be based on the veterinarian’s judgement of disease severity. The presene of Enrofloxacin in drinking water does not affect water consumption; however, the inherent relationship between ambient temperature and water intake should be considered, when determining an appropriate dosing regimen.  


For use in animals only. Keep out of the reach of children.  

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush immediately eyes with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes. Wash hands with soap and water after handling. Consult a physician if irritation develops or persists following ocular or dermal exposures. Individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to quinolones should avoid exposure to this product. In humans, there is a risk of user photosensitization within a few hours after excessive exposure to quinolones. If accidental exposure occurs, avoid direct sunlight.  


Chickens and Turkeys intended for human consumption must not be slaughtered within 7 days of the last treatment. Do not use in laying hens producing eggs for human consumption. Calves, Lambs, Kids, Sheep and Goats intended for human consumption must not be slaughtered within 7 days of the last treatment. Milk from treated animals should not be used for human consumption for 5 days after the last treatment. 


This product is not recommended for use in automatic water proportioners, in water hardness is greater than 196ppm. Water proportioners should be tested for accuracy before use. Fresh stock solutions should be prepared daily. Do not use or store Enrofloxacin in galvanized metal watering systems or containers. Do not operate chlorinators while administering medication. Poultry litter from treated flocks should not be used in cattle feed. Poultry litter from treated flocks spread on agricultural land should be incorporated into soil, whenever possible.  


Store in a cool and dry place, Store in an upright position. Protect stock solutions and medicated drinking water from freezing and direct sunlight.  

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