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Estradiol benzoate injection


Composition :

Contains per ml: 2mg Estradiol Benzoate


Indications :

Supply estrogen for female livestocks , stimulate oestrus and ovulation , increase efficiency of oosperm , and the number of embryo. Enhance precision of the onset of oestrus and ensure a high fertility oocyte at ovulation. For prevention and treatment of postpartum diseases such as hysteritis , uterus pyrogenesis and colpitis .

Stimulate secretion of latex .


Dosage and administration :

1 For stimulating female livestock’s oestrus or secretion of latex:

Mare and cow : 5-10ml / dose , Ewe : 2-4ml / dose, Sow: 3-5ml / dose,

Dog: 0.2-0.5ml / dose


2 For treatment of postpartum diseases:

Mare and cow : 10-20ml / dose , Ewe : 2-5ml / dose, Sow: 5-10ml / dose,

Dog: 0.5-1ml / dose


Precautions :

1 Avoid overdose or long-term use , one or two injection is enough to stimulate female livestock’s oestrus .

2 In order to increase the possibility of pregnancy , and the number of embroy , it is better to postpone the mating to its second oestrus period after the injection .


Withdrawal period :

Meat : 28 days Milk : 7 days 

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